TheRedHorde – Where Wrexham Fans Meet!

Building alongside Shaun was one of the most exciting, and satisfying projects ever. As you all know, and if you don’t, well… now you know. I am a massive football fan. When Shaun presented the idea to me, I thought it was brilliant. A place to gather information, and news and get updates from one of the world’s most exciting and followed teams right now, Wrexham AFC! It was not just only that, the most exciting part about this project was that it was going to be a place to connect and build a community of Wrexham’s fans all around the globe! And boy… I was so down for that.

I learned so much from this project. It was refreshing and challenging and something I had not done before. He helped me to push myself so we could make this project a success. I am proud of it and the result.   I am so grateful to Shaun for accepting my proposals and ideas and putting them in place. It was a wonderful experience!

Make sure you go and check the website out. Tell him I sent you… Get involved and be part of an exciting community, that will only keep growing. Make sure you give both him and me feedback about the website and the feel of it.

My favourite feature of the website

 I will have to go with the community hub. Such an amazing idea, where people can post ideas, create posts, create groups, chat… A forum to connect people worldwide, and build a community of fans to talk about Wrexham AFC. 

Screenshot of home page
Screenshot of player profile
Screenshot of post page
Screenshot of community hub
Screenshot of post page

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